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The Asian EFL Journal TESOL Certificate courses, sponsored by the Asian EFL Journal and Time Taylor International College, are highly recommended by EFL-Law and international universities and academics. You can obtain a Recognized certificate (at far less cost) from a Licensed College in Pusan, S. Korea, with professional academic staff followed by a high paying job in Korea immediately after. Over 230 teachers gain this Certificate monthly. The Asian EFL Journal / Time Taylor College Certificate (& CELTA/Trinity) are the ONLY Certificates recognized world wide.

Advantages of the Asian EFL Journal TESOL Courses

*This courses are is both (a) practical attendance or (b) on-line and you can complete the units from any location.
*It is one of the very few TESOL Certificates in the world where Universities grant accreditation should you go on to Master’s level studies.
*This is the only TESOL course to offer International Conferences annually
*The Certificate is backed by the world’s leading EFL/ESL practitioners.
*The courses are taught by world leading EFL practitioners who are very experienced, qualified, and published in academic journals
*The cost is considerably cheaper than other certificate courses.
*Apply for Course credit. If you have a degree and teaching experience you may apply for course credit.
*If you have never taught EFL, and wish to enter this profession, we will guide you through the course step by step.
*Once you take a job in the EFL profession, you will receive 365 help in the event of legal problems from the EFL-Law group

We highly recognize other professional courses such as Trinity TESOL and CELTA. Persons interested in doing a TESOL course should review these recognized course as well before selecting a course. Various TESOL organizations (TESOL Canada) also offer certificates that we recommend.

TESOL Certificates are an unregulated area of international education, and hence claims exist by many providers. One needs to look to the company’s legal structure, check with those who say they accredit the course, and then you should look to the company’s history, support structure, and especially the qualifications of the educators. The Asian EFL Journal and TTI Ltd group simply stand on their credibility which is published and available for our readers to research.

There are almost 320 TESL Certificate courses for the new teacher or practicing teacher to choose from. Their prices vary as does the quality of courses. You are advised to check as many courses as possible, determine who accredits them and which universities explicitly accept their certificate.

The Asian EFL Journal as a leading edge academic journal for the profession provides the most current up to date theory on ESL/EFL. This knowledge base is represented within our own textbooks which include the names of the very top scholars and teaching practitioners. Hence, the Asian EFL Journal TESOL certificate student is provided not only foundation knowledge, but state of the art information that makes the employer further secure of the competence of our graduating students. As TEFL certificates become further scrutinized for their relevance and quality for today’s -and tomorrow’s- classroom, the Asian EFL Journal certificate possessors will be in a strong advantageous position.

This is a great undertaking… the certificate will
replace the Cambridge Certificate and the Trinity College Certificate, each costing about 2,100 US dollars plus other costs.
Dr. Ming Sheng Li, New Zealand.

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