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December 2011
Volume 2.
Issue 2
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June 2011
Volume 2.
Issue 1
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January 2008
Volume 1.
Issue 1
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Foreword: – Dr. Paul Robertson 
1. Hong Wang and Liying Cheng. The Impact of Curriculum  Innovation on the Cultures of Teaching
2. Xiuqin Zhang. Raising Awareness of Cultural Differences in Language Classrooms
3. Yang Xueqian. The Influence of Discourse Organizational Patterns  on Chinese EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension
4. Li Hua. Reflection can change EFL Teachers beliefs and
teaching practice
5. Liu Han and Hu Xiaoqiong. An Investigation into Listening Comprehension Difficulties of More Skilled and Less Skilled  Listeners and the Concordant Strategies
6. Wenhua Hsu. An Integrated Approach to Teaching English Trade Letters
7. Guidelines for Submissions
8. Editorial  

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