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The Chinese EFL Journal is a new, refereed publication which aims at providing free on-line access to all those involved in the research, teaching and learning of English in China. This is a wide-ranging field examining how language teaching and learning is structured in China, how meanings and ideas are formed and encoded, how they are communicated and represented, and how they are decoded and interpreted. It is a developing social sciences discipline which is increasingly reaching across into other disciplinary areas. The Chinese EFL Journal intends to represent this dynamism and seeks to provide a platform for publication of studies from those in China (academics, teachers and students) or those who have taught English in China as part of their sabbatical or teaching sojourn.

We invite articles that are research-based and also address how the English language is taught in various Chinese contexts. Additionally, new literature will be reviewed to keep readers informed of advances in the field.

We invite you to contribute to The Chinese EFL Journal, access the site regularly and provide feedback on what you read.

Dr. Paul Robertson
Time Taylor International Group

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